30 minutes: 43
60 minutes: 85
90 minutes: 120

Choose the level of intensity for your massage from the descriptions below, then have a look at the premium additions and spa treatments to fully customize your experience. All sessions come with complimentary hot towels.

Swedish Massage

Luxuriate in gentle, relaxing strokes to reduce your stress and help improve your sleep. This, and every massage, comes with your choice of scented oils, creams, and butters. Includes complimentary hot towels.

Deep Tissue

This technique, while sometimes painful, can be remarkably effective. Ideal for soothing chronic pain, treating old injuries, and helping with structural problems.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Founded on Western medical principles, NMT uses the same set of trigger points used by MDs for injecting hydrocortisone. Ideal for targeting old injuries, and can be remarkably effective in addressing carpal tunnel and sciatica pain.