Nancy N., 2000
My choice to get regular monthly massages from Andrea is the best self-care decision I have ever made. She is truly tuned in to meeting my needs, wether it is just general relaxation or special attention to a sore muscle. It is the best me-time I could hope for.

Cassandra F, 12.2.2010

Andrea let me choose between several of her massage packages, or I could customize my massage by choosing from a list of a la carte options.  I wanted to try a bunch of different things, so I opted for the latter.  I added hot stones and a honey hand and foot treatment to my massage, and I had her do the massage with lemon cream and cocoa butter because of my dry skin.  The hot stones were a little too hot at first, but she was very accommodating in getting them down to a more comfortable temperature for me.  I was most impressed by how knowlegable she is about the human body and how every little piece works.  She worked with me to find and massage every little twinge and tight muscle that has been giving me cronic pain for years. Oh, and when the hot stones warmed up the lemon cream and cocoa butter, the whole room smelled like lemon and chocolate.  I left there hungry because I smelled like a wonderful dessert.

Alexis B. 10.23.2010

I came to Andrea on a day when I had been the most sore in recent memory. See, the day before, I had gone running, 5 miles, on concrete when I hadn’t had much in the way of real exercise in months. So legs, back, and hips were all sore near to not moving status. And when I came down from Andrea’s lovely hands, I felt like I was walking on cotton candy clouds.
Maybe it was the hot stones (AWESOME) or maybe it was her pressure (I can take it and most masseuses can’t give it) but I felt completely transformed from worn out to awake, alive and healthy. And more importantly that lasted through the next few days. I think it wasn’t until Friday (massage on Sunday) I noticed tightness in my shoulders again. That’s like, a record.
And so I must say, I am very much a fan.

Dan S. 12.5.2010

Personable and professional, Andrea is among the best massage therapists I’ve run into, and that list is long.  Very good with RSI issues, general relaxation, and back and neck torsion, she’s also got a good feel for mood, and comfortable either with letting you fall asleep on the table, or keep your spirits buoyed with witty conversation.  I’ve yet to leave her care without feeling deeply refreshed and relaxed.

James S. 11.13.2010

When it comes to a profession or skills there are a few classifications that people and businesses can fall under. The hobbyists, the wage earners, and the Professional Artist. Andrea over at Mechanicalbionic is most definitely the last, combining a love of what she does and having the experience and talent at it to make for one of the most throughly enjoyable experiences.
Being greeted by a smiling face, in a warm, soft environment made me feel comfortable and warm right from the start. I started to relax before my treatment with her had even started.
As a chronic overachiever, I tend to hold onto my stress and it makes me a walking ball of tension in human form. I walked out of only an hour long, one of the shorter sessions, having movement back in parts of my legs and back that have been almost too painful or sore in the past to move too much. I felt amazing and more refreshed than I have been in years.
Her use of the various oils and the hot stone treatment could easily be likened to a painter using that special shade of mauve to achieve brilliance in the perfect image. It adds to the treatment in so many different ways. My treatment day was a rainy, cold day in SF, and within minutes of the stone application I was feeling magnificent.
So if you want a massage or a little back rub, ask a friend to do it for a couple minutes. If you want relief for your tension, a treatment of the highest quality, and someone with the artistic skill and passion to make YOU feel fantastic, go see Andrea at Mechanicalbionic.

Jordan C. 11.14.2010
Wow.  I have all kinds of back issues left over from various smackdowns automotive and aquatic.  Andrea is extremely knowledgeable about the body – is able to quickly ID my trouble spots, tell me their Latin names, and suggest stretches and other ways to stay out of trouble. Her bedside (tableside?) manner is friendly and relaxed, and she clearly loves her job.
But the best part, of course, is the massage itself.  I’ve had several massages with her now, and each time she seemed to intuit exactly how much pressure I wanted and zeroed in on the sore spots where I’d like more focused attention.  I have always left her table feeling 5 pounds lighter.
Today I went in for something special – her German Chocolate body scrub and a peppermint foot rub, and came out feeling smooth, relaxed, and smelling delicious. It was so scrumptious that I felt compelled to write to Yelp about it!

Emily N. 12.3.2010
The great thing about Andrea is that, unlike others in the business, she is actually very knowledgeable about the body. She was able to break down for me the exact spot in my body that was causing all of my lower back pains, and showed me some stretches to do to get rid of those pains in the next month! And all the while I was surrounded by the delicious aromas of lemon, peppermint, and cocoa butter.
The hot stones were also an amazing addition to the full body massage, and I appreciated that she scrubbed me down to get rid of all the dead gunk before she moisturized my skin. I felt so clean afterwards.
All in all, I highly recommend the experience!